Bankerbags at the gym


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Studies show that our productivity at work is linked to our physical well-being. That means that adding regular exercise into your routine has professional as well as personal benefits. Working out  boosts brain function, improves sleep, reduces stress, and enhances creative energy. With awareness of health and wellness on the rise right now, more and more professionals are hitting the gym to reap physical and mental rewards.

As an HR professional or a manager of any kind, a large part of your role is thinking about the well-being of others. Whether your employees exercise before work, during their lunch break or in the evening, promoting physical activity can only help them, and thus help your company.

BankerBags are perfect for carrying workout gear to and from the office. Whether you prefer a cross-body duffel, an over-the-shoulder tote or the comfort of a backpack (which converts to a tote!), any of our styles will work to get you and your belongings to the gym with flair.

Classically styled and tough as a round of kickboxing, these bags will make a strong, positive statement about your brand for years and years to come.