6 ways to use your bankerbag


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The day has finally come: Your custom BankerBags have arrived, and they’re even better than you imagined. Your logo is flawlessly repeated on the ribbon, the tightly-woven canvas screams durability, and handles and shoulder straps make them extra-versatile. How will you get the best use out of your brand-new bag?

Here are the top 6 ways our clients choose to use their BankerBags:

  • Commuting

Using your bag on your daily commute is a convenient way to carry your everyday belongings while maintaining a professional look. And you get to advertise your company while you’re at it!


  • Business Trip

Traveling to meet clients? Headed to a tradeshow? Wherever work takes you, your BankerBag is roomy and sturdy enough to hold all your gear.

  • Vacation

BankerBags are the perfect size for a weekend getaway. All BankerBags are sized to serve as your personal item or carry-on for airplane travel. Better yet? When you’re not using them, they easily fold for storage.

  • Day at the Beach

Sunscreen, towels, a great novel, or a pail and shovel: whatever makes your day at the beach fun and relaxing. Sand brushes right off the durable, washable canvas, making BankerBags an ideal beach carryall.

  • Workout

BankerBags make the ideal gym bag. They are big enough to handle your equipment, a change of clothes and sneakers, but are flexible enough to fit in a locker. And there’s no confusing your BankerBag with someone else’s bag!

  • Everyday Errands

Aside from all the specific things BankerBags are great for, they’re just the perfect everyday bag. They’re ultra-strong, ultra-portable and completely customized, for brand exposure wherever you go. Take it to the supermarket, use it as a diaper bag—BankerBags are up for whatever tasks you choose!

So what are you waiting for? Order your BankerBags today!