5 Cant Miss Opportunities To Use Your BankerBag

5 Can’t-Miss Opportunities To Use Your BankerBag

The day has finally come. Your custom BankerBags have finally arrived, and they’re even better than you imagined: your logo flawlessly repeated on the ribbon, tightly-woven canvas that screams ‘durability’, and easy-to-grip handles for convenience. You can’t wait to put yours to use, but how will you get the best use out of this versatile bag

While there are countless uses for our BankerBags, we’ve shared the top 6 ways our clients choose to use theirs:

Commuting with BankerBags Attache on a Train


  • Take your BankerBag along with you to and from work. Using your bag on your daily commute is a convenient way to carry your everyday belongings while maintaining a professional look. You even get to represent your company while you’re at it.

  • Business Trip

Traveling to meet some clients? Headed to a tradeshow? Wherever work takes you, your BankerBag comes too. BankerBags make the perfect travel bag on business trips, and open up opportunities for potential leads. 

  • Vacation

You can’t plan a weekend getaway without taking your BankerBag along with you. BankerBags make vacationing easier! All BankerBags can serve as your personal item and/or carry-on for your airplane travels, and they provide enough space to pack for a long weekend with room to spare. Better yet? When you’re not using them, they can be folded and put away for easy storage until it’s time to return home. 

BankerBag Tote on the Beach
  • Beach bag

Put all your beach day essentials in your BankerBag! The sand will fall flawlessly off the durable canvas, making BankerBags an ideal beach carryall. No more spending quality beach time shaking the sand off your bag!

BankerBag Duffel At The Gym With Weights and Sneakers
  • Gym bag

It’s never been easier to transport your workout gear because now you can use your BankerBag! Whether you’re carrying sneakers and water bottles, or simply a change of clothes (or both!), BankerBags make an ideal gym bag. They are compact enough to handle your gym equipment, and convenient enough to carry them with ease.

  • Take-with-you-everywhere bag

Aside from all the specific uses BankerBags are great for, they also make the perfect everyday bag. That’s right, the bag you carry with you wherever you go--ultra strong, ultra portable and completely customized, for brand exposure wherever you go.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a BankerBag, it’s time to put it to use in whichever way you choose. Still missing out on the BankerBags movement? 

Contact us today to get custom BankerBags for your company. 

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